More Information About Our Pet Dental Services


Our comprehensive periodontic services encompass regular dental cleanings, root planing, guided tissue regeneration, and bone grafting. These procedures are designed to prevent or address issues stemming from periodontal disease, ensuring the optimal dental health of your pet.


Our endodontic treatments focus on caring for the pulp chamber and root canal of your pet’s teeth. We utilize advanced diagnostic imaging to assess whether procedures such as root canal therapy are suitable for addressing your cat or dog’s specific oral needs. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, we ensure that your pet receives the most effective and tailored endodontic care for their dental health.


Our orthodontic treatments are dedicated to ensuring that pets have comfortable and pain-free bites. Our range of services encompasses bite assessments, genetic counseling, and personalized orthodontic care tailored to meet the specific needs of each pet.

Oral Surgery

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of surgical procedures to address oral conditions in pets, including jaw fractures and oral tumor excision.

Oral Tumor Treatment

Oral tumors are a common occurrence in the mouths of both cats and dogs. Prompt evaluation of oral tumors is crucial, as early detection and treatment can lead to favorable outcomes.

Diagnostic Imaging

With over half of the tooth situated beneath the gumline in cats and dogs, our advanced Cone Beam CT technology offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of your pet’s jaw and teeth. This invaluable insight allows us to tailor the most effective treatment plan for your beloved companion.

Jaw Fracture Repair

We can effectively treat traumatic jaw fractures using different methods, including acrylic splints, intraoral wiring techniques, and intraoral plating.