Before Your First Visit

What to Expect on the Day of Your Pet’s Procedure

Kindly adhere to all pre-operative instructions, which include refraining from feeding your pet past midnight the night before the scheduled procedure. Water is permissible unless instructed otherwise and can be provided right before your pet’s appointment. Once you have consulted with our veterinarian and your pet has undergone an examination, they will be admitted. If your pet is undergoing an outpatient procedure, expect that the anesthetic process will likely necessitate a day-long stay at the hospital. Upon admission, we request that you remain accessible by phone for any essential updates. After the procedure, when your pet is in the recovery phase, we will contact you with an update and an estimated discharge time. During discharge, we will review postoperative care instructions and recommend follow-up measures to ensure optimal care for your pet as they recuperate at home.


Please inform one of our team members about the medications your pet is presently taking. They will advise you on which medications should be administered on the morning of the procedure. If possible, kindly bring all your pet’s medications with you on the day of the procedure.

Blood Work

Ensuring that your pet has recent blood work (CBC, Chemistries, +/- Urinalysis) within the last three months is crucial. For senior pets (>13-14 years), it is recommended to have more current blood work as well as Chest X-rays (three views). Senior cats should also undergo a Thyroid panel. Your family veterinary practice can easily conduct these tests before your visit with Dr. Startup or Dr. Burton. We request that you ask your family veterinarian to transmit the recent bloodwork, current medical records, and any dental radiographs taken by your veterinarian’s office via fax (865-686-6488) or email ( at least two days before your pet’s scheduled visit.

Payment Options

We kindly request that payment is settled at the time of service. For your ease, we gladly accept all major credit cards. Additionally, we offer the option of CareCredit, which provides various financing plans, some of which come with zero percent interest, allowing you to make convenient monthly payments for your pet’s care. To discover more about CareCredit, please visit


Regrettably, we are currently unable to accept personal checks.